MailStore Gateway Help

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MailStore Gateway is a free, complementary tool for MailStore's email archiving solutions MailStore Server and MailStore Service Provider Edition.

It provides SMTP and POP3 proxy functionality, as well as simple mail server functionality to receive and store emails from Microsoft 365, Google G Suite or other email servers that are capable of sending emails to external archiving solutions via SMTP.

The following provides a walk-though of the essential steps to get the MailStore Gateway up and running, as well as some background information.

Before You Start

Overview Learn more about the scenarios in which MailStore Gateway is the right solution for common challenges.
System Requirements Before installing MailStore Gateway, ensure that the system requirements are met.

Installation and Setup

Installation Irrespective of the projected scenario, it all begins with the installation of the software itself.
Basic Configuration After successful installation, some basic configuration settings should be reviewed and adjusted where needed.
Firewall Configuration To access MailStore Gateway from remote systems, appropriate firewall rules may have to be set up.

Using MailStore Gateway

Logging On Learn how to login to MailStore Gateway's Management Console.
Create and Manage Mailboxes MailStore Gateway mailboxes contain the emails that are to be archived by MailStore Server or MailStore Service Provider Edition.

Post Installation Tasks

Backup and Restore To protect the configuration settings and mailbox content, it is highly recommended to create backups regularly.
Monitoring This article gives an overview of what services and parameters to proactively monitor with a suitable monitoring solution to always provide users the best possible experience.