MailStore Gateway has been designed primarily to serve two distinct purposes, which are:

  1. Being a target for deliveries from other email servers, that themselves create copies of sent and received emails.
  2. Being a SMTP and POP3 proxy that creates and stores copies of all emails, exchanged between email clients and email servers.

In both scenarios, emails are stored in mailboxes on MailStore Gateway, from wich MailStore Server and MailStore Service Provider Edition are able to archive from by means of the corresponding archiving profile. Instructions for setting up archiving can be found in the manuals of the corresponding products.

Server Mode

Proxy Mode

MailStore Gateway Overview Proxy.png


All emails stored in the MailStore Gateway mailboxes are protected by strong hybrid encryption. The mailbox passwords represent the passphrase for the private key of the asymmetric part of the hybrid encryption. This means that without the correct mailbox password, no data can ever be decrypted. Therefore it is highly recommended to keep the password in a safe place (i.e. enterprise password manager).

Additionally, MailStore Gateway does not allow usernames or passwords to be transferred over an unencrypted connection.