Accessing the Archive from Symbian Based Devices

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In addition to the MailStore Client software and MailStore Web Access, MailStore Server also provides access to the archive using a Symbian based mobile device.

There are two ways to access the MailStore archive with your Symbian device:

  • Using an Email Client - By adding an additional email account you can access your MailStore archive just like any other email account.
  • Using a Web Browser - Using a web browser, navigate to MailStore Mobile Web Access to access your MailStore archive. No further configuration of your Symbian device is needed.

Using the Email Client


To allow access to the MailStore archive using the email client of your Symbian based device, the MailStore Server-integrated IMAP server must be activated and configured. This procedure is described in chapter MailStore Server Service Configuration.

Setup of the IMAP Account on the Device

Depending on the update status the setup procedures for email accounts differs even within the same Symbian version. Due to that only general information is provided here. For details on how to create a new email account on your device, please refer to the device's manual.

  • Please enter the following settings for the incoming mail server:
    • User name: Your MailStore user name
    • Password: Your MailStore password
    • Incoming mail server: IP address or DNS hostname of your MailStore server
    • Access point in use: Select the access point which is to be used by default for accessing the archive. Please keep in mind that, depending on the rate, additional data transfer fees may apply when transferring data via mobile communications.
    • Mailbox name: Enter any name such as MailStore, for example.
    • Mailbox type: IMAP4
    • Port: Usually, the setting Default is sufficient. By default, MailStore uses port 143. If you have changed this setting in the MailStore Service Configuration, please enter the corresponding port. For the setting Security:SSL/TLS the default is port 993.
    • Security: Choose between StartTLS, SSL/TLS and Off.
  • For the outgoing mail server, enter the same settings as when sending mail using your regular email account. MailStore Server does not provide its own SMTP server and cannot serve as outgoing mail server.
  • Before you are able to view the archive folders in the new email account, you have to select the desired folders in the settings for retrieval under Folder subscriptions.

Access to the Archive

After the successful setup, an additional email account with the name entered as Mailbox name can be found in the application Messaging.

Once you open the new email account, you will see an empty folder called Inbox as well as the selected archive folders which generally correspond to the name of the users. Now you can navigate the folder structure and open emails as usual.

Please keep in mind that, depending on the setting, you will only see a certain amount of emails in your device. The setting can be specified under Retrieval settings | Retrieval amount in your mailbox settings.

Using a Web Browser

Accessing MailStore Mobile Web Access is not much different from accessing other websites using the web browser of your Symbian device.

General use and procedure are described in chapter Accessing the Archive with MailStore Mobile Web Access of the MailStore Server manual.

About MailStore

  • MailStore Server is one of the leading email archiving solutions for SMB.
  • For private use there is a free tool for email archiving furthermore: MailStore Home.