Accessing the Archive from Android Based Devices

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This article describes how to set up the standard email client for android based devices for accessing a MailStore Server email archive using the IMAP protocol.

Since version 5.1, MailStore Server provides an integrated IMAP Server for accessing the archive that is independent of the operating system being used. For information about the setup and configuration of the integrated IMAP Server using the MailStore Base Cconfiguration, please refer to the corresponding chapter in the MailStore Server Manual.

Setup of the IMAP Account on the Device

  • Start the application Email.
  • Press the Menu key and click on Accounts.
  • Press the Menu key and click on Add Account.
  • Enter your email address and your password. Your password is used to access MailStore Server.
  • Click on Manual Setup.
    Android 01.png
  • Answer the question about the type of account with IMAP.
    Android 02.png
  • Please enter the following Incoming server settings:
    • Username: Your MailStore user name.
    • Password: Your MailStore password.
    • IMAP server: IP address or DNS host name of your MailStore Server
    • Port: By default, MailStore uses port 143. If you have changed this setting in the MailStore base configuration, please enter the appropriate port instead. For Security Type: SSL (Accept all certificates) the default port is 993.
    • Security type: Choose between None and TLS (Accept all certificates). Depending on the configuration of the MailStore IMAP server, you can also choose SSL (Accept all certificates).
    Android 03.png
  • Click on Next. The settings are verified automatically.
  • Please enter the following Outgoing server settings:
    Please enter the same settings as required for sending email using your regular email account. MailStore Server does not provide its own SMTP server and thus cannot be used as outgoing mail server.
    Android 04.png
  • Click on Next. The settings are verified automatically.
  • Enter any additional settings in the Account options dialog and click on Next.
    Android 05.png
  • Assign a unique name to the new account, e.g. MailStore.
    Android 06.png
  • Click on Done to complete the setup of the account.

Accessing the Archive

Android 07.png

If you have more than one email account, you will receive an overview of the available accounts after starting the email client. The list will include the archive account (e.g. MailStore) you just created.

To open an account, click on the account name. By default, you will get to the Inbox folder which, in case of the IMAP server, usually is empty.

Android 08.png

To access the subfolders of your archive, please proceed as follows:

  • Press the Menu key.
  • Select the entry Folder.
  • Choose a folder from the list to view the email it contains.
About MailStore

  • MailStore Server is one of the leading email archiving solutions for SMB.
  • For private use there is a free tool for email archiving furthermore: MailStore Home.