Accessing the Archive via Integrated IMAP Server

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With MailStore's integrated IMAP server you can access the MailStore archive in read-only mode with any IMAP-enabled email client. This provides a convenient way to access the email archive using not only many alternative email clients running on any operating system (e.g. MacOS or Linux) but also through mobile platforms such as Android, IPhone or Symbian. Installing MailStore Client on the user machines is not required.

Prerequisite for Using the MailStore-Integrated IMAP Server

Activation and configuration of the integrated IMAP server are done using the MailStore Server Service Configuration. All IMAP-enabled email clients are supported.

Accessing the Integrated IMAP Server

Unless the integrated IMAP server is configured otherwise, users can access MailStore Server with the following settings:

  • Incoming Mail Server - Host name or IP address of the MailStore server
  • Port - For unencrypted or TLS-encrypted connections standard IMAP port 143 is used. For SSL-encrypted connections standard IMAP port 993 is used.
  • User Name - Name of the MailStore user.
  • Password - Password which is required for accessing the MailStore server.

Please note: In addition to configuring an incoming mail server, email clients often require configuring an outgoing mail server. In this case, please use the same data as for an existing email account

Häufig verlangen E-Mail-Clients neben der Konfiguration eines Posteingangsserver auch die Konfiguration eines Postausgangsserver. Verwenden Sie in dem Fall die gleichen Daten wie für ein bereits eingerichtetes E-Mail-Konto. Dies erleichtert das weiterverarbeiten von E-Mails aus dem E-Mail-Achiv.

Einrichtung von mobilen Geräten

Neben dem Zugriff von alternativen E-Mail-Client oder von nicht-Windows Betriebssystem bietet sich die Nutzung von des integrierten IMAP-Server besonders für mobile Geräte an. In folgenden Artikeln finden Sie detaillierte Informationen zur Einrichtung eines E-Mail-Kontos zum Zugriff auf den integrierten IMAP-Server:

About MailStore

  • MailStore Server is one of the leading email archiving solutions for SMB.
  • For private use there is a free tool for email archiving furthermore: MailStore Home.