Archiving Emails from IceWarp Server

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This implementation guide covers the specifics of archiving IceWarp Mail Server mailboxes. It is assumed that you already have a MailStore Server installation or test installation and are familiar with the fundamentals of MailStore Server. Please refer to the Manual or the Quick Start Guide for more information.

MailStore Server offers several ways to archive emails from IceWarp Mail Server mailboxes, which are described below. If you are not sure which archiving method best suits your company, please refer to the chapter Choosing the Right Archiving Strategy.

Synchronizing Users

MailStore Server offers special support for synchronizing users with an IceWarp Mail Server. Information about setup is available in chapter IceWarp Server Integration of the manual.

Archiving Individual Mailboxes

Template:Archiving Single Mailboxes Preamble

Template:Archiving Single Mailboxes

Archiving Multiple Mailboxes in One Step

Starting with version 10.4, IceWarp Mail Server allows users with the appropriate user privileges to access the mailboxes of other users via IMAP. Once a new user has been created or an existing user has been provided with the corresponding privileges, please proceed as follows:

  • Log on to MailStore Client as MailStore administrator.
  • Click on Archive Email.
  • From the list E-Mail-Server under Create Profile select IceWarp Mail Server to create a new archiving profile.
  • A wizard opens to help specify the archiving settings.
    IceWarp mailboxes 00.png
  • Select Multiple Mailboxes.
  • To be able to archive multiple mailboxes, MailStore users along with their email addresses have to be set up in the MailStore user management.
    IceWarp mailboxes 01.png
  • Under Host enter the name of your IceWarp mail server.
  • Under Access via select the protocol to be used to access the IceWarp mail server. Wherever possible, you should always choose IMAP-TLS or IMAP-SSL.
    Please note: If you would like to automate the archiving process and access the IceWarp mail server using IMAP-TLS or IMAP-SSL, you should enable the option Ignore SSL Warnings. Otherwise, if an unofficial or self-signed certificate is used on the IceWarp mail server, the automatic execution of the archiving process will fail.
  • Under User Name and Password enter the access data of a user who has access to all IceWarp mailboxes to be archived. With IceWarp Mail this is a user with administrative privileges.
  • Click on Next to continue.
    IceWarp mailboxes 02.png
  • Customize the list of folders to be archived, the filter and the deletion rules as needed. By default, no emails will be deleted from the mailbox. The timeout value only has to be adjusted as needed (e.g. with very slow servers). Please keep in mind that these settings apply to all mailboxes to be archived.
  • Click on Next to continue.
    IceWarp mailboxes 03.png
  • Select the users whose mailboxes you would like to archive. The following options are available:
    All users with a configured email address
    Choose this option to archive the mailboxes of all users who are set up in the MailStore user management along with their email addresses.
    All users except the following
    Using the list below, this feature allows you to exclude individual users (and thereby their IceWarp mailboxes) from the archiving process.
    Only the following users
    Using the list below, this feature allows you to include individual users (and thereby their IceWarp mailboxes) in the archiving process. Only the mailboxes of users who were explicitly specified will be archived.
    Synchronize with directory services before archiving
    If this option is enabled, the MailStore user list is synchronized with the configured directory service before every archiving process. This has the advantage that new employees, for example, will be set up as MailStore users automatically before archiving allowing MailStore to archive their IceWarp mailboxes automatically as well. This feature is especially recommended for archiving mailboxes according to a schedule.
  • Finally, you can choose a name for the new archiving profile. Once you click on Finish, the archiving profile will be listed under Saved Profiles and can be executed right away.

Additional information about executing archiving profiles is available in chapter Email Archiving with MailStore Basics.

Archiving All Incoming and Outgoing Emails Directly

IceWarp Mail Server allows you to deliver all emails to a separate IceWarp Mail Server archiving mailbox. From this IceWarp Mail Server archiving mailbox and using the respective archiving profile, the archiving process can be executed with MailStore Server. The emails are distributed among the archives of the corresponding MailStore users.

Step 1: Setup of the IceWarp Mail Server Archiving Feature

To create a central multidrop mailbox to which copies of all incoming and outgoing emails are delivered, IceWarp Mail Server's archiving feature must first be activated and configured. Please proceed as follows:

  • Log on to IceWarp Server Administrator or IceWarp WebAdmim as administrator.
  • Change to Advanced view.
  • Click on Mail and then on Archive.
    IceWarp user 01.png
  • Under General, activate the archiving feature of your IceWarp Mail Server.
  • Enter an Archive to Directory e.g. C:\Archive\ and optionally a Directory trailer path. IceWarp Mail Server creates a folder structure below the archive directory in the format Domain\Mailbox\Directory trailer path.
  • Under Options enable Do not archive RSS and Do not archive spam if applicable.
  • Click on Apply to save these settings.

Step 2: Setup of an IceWarp Mailbox to Access the IceWarp Archive

Once the archiving feature has been set up, an IceWarp user with access to the IceWarp archive has to be created. This user is later used by MailStore to retrieve the messages.

  • Log on to IceWarp Server Administrator or IceWarp WebAdmim as administrator.
  • Click on Domains & Accounts > Management.
  • Click on the domain in which you would like to create the new user.
  • Create the new IceWarp user.
    IceWarp user 02.png
  • In the Options tab under Mailbox enter the full path of the archive directory specified in step 1 into the field Mailbox path.
  • Click on Apply to finish.

Step 3: Configuration of MailStore Server

  • Start MailStore Client on the computer from which the archiving task is to be initiated according to a schedule. This can be the MailStore Server computer or any other machine. Log on as MailStore administrator using MailStore Client.
  • Click on Archive Email.
  • From the Email Server list under Create Profile select IceWarp Mail Server to create a new archiving profile.
  • A wizard opens to help specify the archiving settings.
    IceWarp catchall 00.png

Template:Archiving Multidrop Mailboxes


About MailStore

  • MailStore Server is one of the leading email archiving solutions for SMB.
  • For private use there is a free tool for email archiving furthermore: MailStore Home.