Archiving Emails from Intra2net Systems

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The Intranator Business Server as well as the Intranator Appliance Pro is able to write all emails passing the system in the MailStore Proxy format to a network share provided by the Intrantor system itself.

Activating email archiving on the Intranator system

At the Intranator administration web-interface goto "Dienste > Email > Archivierung" and set "Modus" to "deepinvent MailStore Proxy". Now enter the credentials which will be required to access the network share later.

Preparing the server where MailStore is installed

You need to connect to the share shown in the Intranataor's web-interface (e.g. \\intranator\archive) using the credentials configured in the previous step. Make sure that a drive letter is assigned to that share and that the connection is persistent.

Now you need to configure MailStore Server to use the MailStore Proxy archiving profile.