Archiving Emails from Scalix

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Please note: This tutorial only covers the specifics of archiving a Scalix server. It is assumed that you already have a MailStore Server installation or Test-Installation and are familiar with the fundamentals of MailStore Server. Please refer to the Manual or Quick-Start-Guide.

MailStore Server offers several ways to archive emails from a Scalix server, which are described below. If you are not sure which archiving method best suits your company, please refer to chapter Choosing the right archiving strategy.

Archiving Individual Mailboxes

When archiving individual mailboxes, Scalix functions the same as any other email server. Please refer to the corresponding chapter Archiving Server Mailboxes in the MailStore Server manual.

Archiving Multiple Mailboxes in One Step

When archiving multiple mailboxes, Scalix functions the same as any other email server. Please refer to the corresponding chapter Batch Archiving of IMAP Mailboxes in the MailStore manual.

Archiving Incoming and Outgoing Emails Directly

Scalix offers an easy way to deliver copies of all emails passing through the Scalix server to another mailbox. With MailStore Server you can archive this Scalix mailbox by using an archiving task of type IMAP Multidrop.

Important notice: Since Scalix 11.1, the Scalix Archiver feature is only available to users of the Business and Enterprise editions.

Step 1: Customizing the Scalix Configuration

To enable the feature described above, use any text editor to open the file general.cfg from your Scalix installation. The default path of the file is /var/opt/<nodename>/sys.

Now set the variable ARCHIVE to the email address of the mailbox you will archive with MailStore Server. Prepend bcc: to the email address as required by Scalix. For example:

 ARCHIVE=bcc:[email protected]

Step 2: Restarting the Scalix Archiver Service

To activate the configuration changes, restart the Scalix Archiver service by executing the following commands:

 omoff -d0 archiver sr
 omon archiver sr

== Step 3: Configuration of MailStore Server Configure MailStore Server to archive the new Scalix mailbox in regular intervals (e.g. daily at 11pm) using an archiving task of type IMAP-Sammelpostfach.

After archiving, emails can and should be deleted from the Scalix mailbox automatically by MailStore. The MailStore archiving task can be configured accordingly.