Archiving Emails from Zarafa

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Please note: This tutorial only covers the specifics of archiving a Zarafa server. It is assumed that you already have a MailStore Server installation or test installation and are familiar with the fundamentals of MailStore Server. Please refer to the Manual or Quick-Start-Guide.

MailStore Server offers several ways to archive emails from an email server, which are described below. If you are not sure which archiving method best suits your company, please refer to chapter Choosing the right archiving strategy.

Archiving Individual Mailboxes

Archiving Multiple Mailboxes in One Step

Zarafa depends on a locally installed and configured mail transfer agent. As Zarafa is a Unix/Linux software it is very likely that you are using one of the following MTAs. Please see the corresponding site for further information.


About MailStore

  • MailStore Server is one of the leading email archiving solutions for SMB.
  • For private use there is a free tool for email archiving furthermore: MailStore Home.