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= Archiving Incoming and Outgoing Emails Directly =
#REDIRECT [[Archiving Emails from Linux-based Email Servers]]
To integrate MailStore into an email infrastructure build upon the Unix/Linux mail transfer agent Postfix, it is recommended to deliver all emails in copy into a second archiving mailbox. To achive this, it is required to make some changes to your Postfix configuration.
== Set up an archiving mailbox ==
The easiest way to achieve a complete archiving of all emails, is creating an user and assign an email address like <tt>[email protected]</tt> to him. Now let Postfix deliver a copy of all emails to that address. You need to add
  always_bcc = [email protected]
to your Posfix's <tt>main.cf</tt>.
To be able to put all emails into the corresponding user archives, MailStore needs to be configured to archive emails from that mailbox via the "IMAP multidrop" profile.
'''Important note''': The email address <tt>[email protected]</tt> '''must not''' be assigned to any MailStore user.
= Weblinks =
* [http://www.postfix.org Postfix Homepage]
* [[Wikipedia:en:Postfix_(software)|Wikipedia: Postfix (software)]]
[[de:E-Mail-Archivierung von einem auf Postfix basierenden E-Mail-Server]]

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