Archiving Emails from a Postfix Based Email Server

Archiving Incoming and Outgoing Emails Directly

To integrate MailStore into an email infrastructure build upon the Unix/Linux mail transfer agent Postfix, it is recommended to deliver all emails in copy into a second archiving mailbox. To achive this, it is required to make some changes to your Postfix configuration.

Set up an archiving mailbox

The easiest way to achieve a complete archiving of all emails, is creating an user and assign an email address like [email protected] to him. Now let Postfix deliver a copy of all emails to that address. You need to add

 always_bcc = [email protected] 

to your Posfix's

To be able to put all emails into the corresponding user archives, MailStore needs to be configured to archive emails from that mailbox via the "IMAP multidrop" profile.

Important note: The email address [email protected] must not be assigned to any MailStore user.