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With MailStore Server, selected events can be written into the Windows event log allowing you to track the activities of both administrators and users. This enables a company's compliance officer, for example, to oversee compliance with legal and operational regulations.

Changing the Auditing Settings

To change the auditing settings, please proceed as follows:

  • Start MailStore Client as MailStore administrator (admin).
  • Click on Administrative Tools > Compliance and then on Auditing.
  • From the list, select the event whose auditing status you would like to change.
  • Change the auditing status by clicking the Enable or Disable buttons located beneath the list of events.
    Please note: The event ComplianceChangeSettings, which protocols changes of the settings under General Compliance, cannot be disabled.

Please note that some events may generate a large number of entries in the Windows event log. Only enable such events if you are sure that you need the information.