With MailStore Server, selected events can be written into the Windows event log allowing you to track the activities of both administrators and users. This enables a company's compliance officer, for example, to oversee compliance with legal and operational regulations.

Specifying the Audit Log Destination

The destination for logging of audit events can be configured in the MailStore Server Service Configuration. By default MailStore's own audit log is used, which can be viewed at Administrative Tools > Compliance > Audit Log. As an alternative audit events can be written into the Windows application event log.

Changing the Auditing Settings

To change the auditing settings, please proceed as follows:

  • Start MailStore Client as MailStore administrator (admin).
  • Click on Administrative Tools > Compliance and then on Auditing.
    Compliance audit 01.png
  • From the list, select the event whose auditing status you would like to change.
  • Change the auditing status by clicking the Enable or Disable buttons located beneath the list of events.
    Please note: The event ComplianceChangeSettings, which protocols changes of the settings under Compliance General, cannot be disabled.

Please note that some events may generate a large number of entries in the Windows event log. Only enable such events if you are sure that you need the information.