IceWarp Server Integration

Synchronizing User Accounts with an IceWarp Server User Database

In addition to adding users manually (which is described in chapter User Management), MailStore can synchronize its internal user database with an IceWarp Server User Database. For this, MailStore requires IceWarp Server API version 10.4 or newer.

During synchronization, user information and email addresses are taken from the IceWarp Server user database and entered into MailStore. MailStore makes no changes to the IceWarp Server user database itself. Synchronization can be limited to individual or multiple domains and groups.

Accessing the Directory Service Integration

  • Log on to MailStore Client as MailStore administrator.
  • Click on Administrative Tools > Users and Privileges and then on Directory Services.
  • Under Integration change the Directory Service Type to IceWarp Server.
Icewarp sync 01.png

Specifying Connection Settings

Before the synchronization feature can be used MailStore requires information on how to reach the IceWarp server.

  • Server Name - Name or IP address of the IceWarp server. If you use a self-signed SSL certificate on the IceWarp server, please set a checkmark next to Ignore SSL Security Warnings.
  • User Name - Name of a user with administrative privileges.
  • Password - Password of the user with administrative privileges.

Specifying Standard Privileges

By default, users who were synchronized to MailStore from a directory service can log on to MailStore Server and have access to their own user archives.

The standard privileges can be customized before synchronization, to grant all new users the Archive Emails privilege, for example. To do so, click on the Standard Privileges... button.

Additional Information about managing user privileges and their effects is available in chapter Users, Folders and Settings. There you can also find directions for customizing existing privileges.

Executing the Synchronization

After the connection settings have been specified (as described above), the MailStore user list can be synchronized with the IceWarp Server user database.

Synchronization can be limited to one or more domains and groups. To do so, click on the button next to the Domains and Groups field and place a checkmark in front of the domains and groups you want to synchronize. If no domains or groups are selected, all users will be synchronized.

Click on Verify Settings, to see what would happen when clicking on Synchronize now. Click on Synchronize now to start.

Icewarp sync 02.png

Login with IceWarp Access Data

By default, each user created in MailStore has a password specifically for MailStore. The MailStore administrator can specify the password during setup of the user account. Users can later change their passwords in MailStore Client's Administrative Tools. Alternatively, you can configure MailStore to allow users to log on to MailStore Server using their IceWarp passwords.

Procedure for Users Added Using the Synchronization with the IceWarp Server User Database

If the MailStore users were added using IceWarp Server Directory Service Synchronization, as described in the previous section, no further action is required. In this case, MailStore has already adjusted all necessary settings automatically.

Procedure for Users Added Manually

If the MailStore users were added manually and if these users are to be able to log on using their IceWarp password, please proceed as follows:

  • Configure the IceWarp Server Integration as described in chapter Synchronizing User Accounts with an IceWarp Server User Database.
  • Make sure that the MailStore users have the same names as the corresponding users in the IceWarp Server user database.
  • In the user properties menu under Authentication, select Directory Services.
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