System Requirements

Dedicated machine

Q: Can I install MailStore Server on the same computer where Microsoft Exchange or any other email server is installed or do I have to install it on a dedicated machine?

A: Primarily this depends on the size of your setup. With less than 150 clients there is no problem installing MailStore Server onto a running Exchange- or Fileserver. For larger setups we recommend using a dedicated server in order to run MailStore Server.

Database server

Q: Most email archiving products on the market seem to require Microsoft SQL Server or a similar product installed. Does MailStore Server also require an external database server?

A: MailStore Server comes with an embedded database and does not depend on any other external database server.

Web server

Q: Do I need an additional web server like Microsoft IIS or Apache to offer MailStore Web Access to my clients?

A: No. MailStore Server runs it's own HTTP server on the corresponding TCP ports. Therefore you do not need an additional web server to use MailStore Web Access.


Q: Is it possible to run MailStore Server on virtual machines like VMWare guests or similar?

A: Yes it is possible, as long as the underlying operating system supports it, there is no problem running MailStore Server inside a virtualized environment.

Terminal Server environments

Q: Is it possible to run MailStore in a terminal server environment?

A: Yes, this is absolutely possible.

Network Attached Storage

Q: Do I have to store the archive on the local hard disk, or can I also store it (or parts of it) on network attached storage, e.g. a network share?

A: Since version 4.0, MailStore supports the storage on NAS (Network Attached Storage) systems. To ensure successful operation, the NAS should meet the following prerequisites:

  • The NAS offers SMB/CIFS support in order to be able to provide Windows shares in the network or is attached to the server via FibreChannel or iSCSI
  • The read/write capacity should not fall below 5MB/sec.
  • When moving an existing MailStore database, the available disk space should be twice the size of the current archive.

To use MailStore with storage on an NAS, two options are available. Both are described in the following.

Please note: If the NAS is attached to the server via FibreChannel or iSCSI, no further configuration steps are needed, as long as the NAS device can be accessed as a local hard disk with a drive letter assigned to it.

There is an article in MailStore Server's online documentation that describes all the details.