Template:Archiving Exchange Shared Mailbox

Shared Mailboxes

Shared mailboxes grant multiple users shared access to a mailbox, somewhat comparable to public folders.

Create a MailStore Server User for a Shared Mailbox

A shared mailbox is a special kind of mailbox that in contrast to a normal mailbox, is associated with a disabled Active Directory account. MailStore Server is able to create MailStore Server user entries for such mailboxes via Active Directory Synchronization. For this, you have to deactivate the option Synchronize enabled users only in the section User Database Synchronization.
After synchronization you can grant MailStore Server users access to the archive of the shared mailbox by assigning privileges.

Archiving Shared Mailboxes

In order to archive emails from a shared mailbox you must grant a user account full access to that mailbox (either by delegated access or impersonation) because the Active Directory user account associated with that mailbox is disabled. You can use the service account you created in [[{{{1}}}|Archiving Multiple Exchange Mailboxes Centrally]] for this purpose.

Once you have created the service account, setup a new Single Mailbox archiving profile. Enter the credentials of the service account and fill the optional Mailbox field with the primary e-mail address of your shared mailbox.

Xchg sharedmbx 01.png

Further steps are analog to the archiving of individual Exchange mailboxes.