Template:Directory Services Authentication


  • Method
    Here you can choose how users that have been synchronized from directory service will be authenticated.
    When choosing the option Kerberos / NTLM, users log in using the MailStore Client, respectively the Outlook Add-In or Web Access, and the credentials are passed to MailStore Server that verifies them against the configured directory service. When choosing the option AD FS (Open ID Connect) the users will be redirected to the AD FS login page and authenticate themselves there. The policies configured in AD FS are taking affect for the MailStore login as well.
When selecting AD FS (Open ID Connect), you have to configure your AD FS according to our setup guide. Afterwards you have to configure the following settings in MailStore:
  • Discovery URI: The Discovery URI is the URI where the AD FS are reachable. Typically this is the host name of the AD FS server followed by the path /adfs, e.g. https://adfs.example.com/adfs. The certificate used by the AD FS must be trusted.
  • Client ID: The Client Identifier of the Application Group that has been created in AD FS.
  • Redirect-URI: The Redirect-URI must match the Redirect-URI that has been configured in the Application Group.