Template:Directory Services Kerio Connect Authentication

To achieve this, you have to configure the following settings in the Authentication section:

  • Kerio IMAP Server
    Enter the IP address or the DNS name of the Kerio Connect server against which authentication should be performed.
  • IMAP Server Access
    Configure whether the connection to the Kerio IMAP server is to be unencrypted or IMAP-TLS/IMAP-SSL encrypted.
  • Ignore SSL Security Warnings (only when using IMAP-TLS and IMAP-SSL)
    Activate this option if a self-signed or non-public certificate is used on the Kerio IMAP server. Otherwise the authentication will permanently fail.

Important Notice: If your Kerio Connect users authenticate against an Active Directory or if you store the passwords as SHA hashes, you must disable CRAM-MD5 and DIGEST-MD5 under Configuration > Advanced Options > Security Policy in your Kerio Connect Server. Otherwise users will not be able to log on to MailStore.