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  • These settings supported by the current MailStore Client are available:
    • Authentication
      Sets the authentication method to either Standard Authentication or Windows Authentication. When the authentication method is set to Windows Authentication then the Server Name also must be set
    • Language
      Sets the display language of the MailStore Client. Select System language to have the MailStore Client use the language of a client's operating system.
    • Remember Password
      This setting stores a user's password, once entered, locally on the client, provided that the authentication method has been set to Standard Authentication as well.
    • Server Name
      If this parameter is provided, the MailStore Client always connects to this server. If the authentication method has also been set to Windows Authentication, the login to MailStore Server occurs directly without any user interaction (Single Sign On). If the MailStore Client access has been configured to a port different from the default (8460), this parameter has to be provided as Server Name:Port.