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If Mailstore Server is used within an Active Directory infrastructure, the MailStore Client and the MailStore Outlook Add-in can be configured using group policies. Settings that are configured through group policies supersede local settings and cannot be changed by users.

For this purpose, group policy templates are available as ADMX files (for Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 or higher).

Installing the ADMX Template

Group policy templates can either be managed locally on an administrative workstation or centrally in the domain. Please refer to Microsoft Technet for further details.

Installation of the ADMX Templates in the Local Store

  • Download the ADMX templates to your administrative workstation.
  • Unzip the package to %systemroot%, retaining its folder structure.

Installation of the ADMX Templates in the Central Store

Please note: Use this method only, if you are already using a central store for group policies, else group policies stored in the local store are not accessible anymore.
  • Download the ADMX templates to your domain controller.
  • In the SYSVOL folder, unzip the package to domain\policies, retaining its folder structure (default: %systemroot%\sysvol\domain\policies).

To verify the installation and for further configuration, please proceed as follows:

  • Open the Group Policy Management Console.
  • Right-click on the administrative folder Group Policy Objects.
  • Select New and create a new group policy object called MailStore {{{2}}} Settings.
  • Right-click on the new GPO and select Edit....
  • Expand User Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates.
  • If the templates have been installed correctly, an entry MailStore and sub-entries MailStore Client and MailStore Outlook-Add-in exist.
    [[File:GPO {{{2}}} {{{1}}} 12.png|500px|center]]