Update Notices for MailStore Server

General Information

  • Before you start the installation, please check if your current license really allows to upgrade the software.

  • Make sure you have a recent backup of your archive. Learn more

  • The installation process will uninstall older versions of the software automatically. All archives and the configuration data will be kept. There is no need to manually uninstall old versions previously.
  • During the installation process the MailStore Server service is automatically stopped and restarted afterwards. Running archiving profiles will be cancelled and may show up as failed. Should stopping the service fail for any reason, please stop the service manually and run the installation again.
  • Carefully check the auto-detected settings during the installation process.
  • After upgrading to a new major or minor version (e.g. 5.1 to 5.2) it is required to update the MailStore Client installations and/or MailStore Outlook Add-in installations as well. Further information can be found in the articles MailStore Client Deployment and MailStore Outlook Add-in Deployment
  • Please note the following version specific upgrade notices. Also read the notices from all version numbers between yours and the one you are going to install.

Upgrading to Version 9.6

  • Update of MailStore Client and Outlook Add-in
    Independent of MailStore Client's auto-update mechanism, a reinstallation of MailStore Client and the MailStore Outlook Add-in is required to make use of the following improvements:
    • Client: Pin to taskbar now possible on Windows 7 and newer.
    • Support for different SSL certificate thumbprint formats in group policies.
    • Group policies allow configuration of client und Outlook Add-in language.
  • MailStore Proxy
    Starting with version 9.6, MailStore Proxy requires .NET Framework 4.5.1. Hence the system requirements of MailStore proxy have also changed in regards to the operating system.

Upgrading to Version 9.3

  • Supported SSL certificates
    Using SSL certificates which utilize MD5-hash based signature algorithms (e.g. md5rsa) is technically no longer possible since version 9.3. For years (approx. 2010) MD5-hash based signature algorithms have no longer been used for signing certificates. However, should the error message Authentication failed because the remote party has closed the transport stream. occur after installing the upgrade, please follow the instructions in the corresponding Knowledgebase article.

Upgrading to Version 9.x

  • System Requirements
    Please ensure that your system configuration matches the updated system requirements. MailStore Server, MailStore Client and MailStore Outlook Add-in now require .NET Framework 4.5.1 and Internet Explorer 8 or higher.

    Important notice for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 users:

    As Microsoft does not provide .NET Framework 4.5.1 for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, the last MailStore version that can be installed on these platforms is version 8. Contrary to the official Update and Support Service terms, you are eligible to continue using MailStore Server 8 on the above platforms until the end of extended support (July 14, 2015) for Windows Server 2003.

    In a mixed environment, Microsoft Outlook users are able to use MailStore Outlook Add-in 8.1.3 to connect to MailStore Server 9.

  • Server-side Execution of E-mail-Server Profiles and Internal Backup
    Archiving from and exporting to email servers as well as the internal backup function is now carried out by the MailStore Server service itself. Thus it is necessary that the MailStore Server computer has the required permissions to access email servers and network shares where applicable (see Using Network Attached Storage (NAS)).

    In either case, verify carefully that all automated tasks are still working properly after updating.

  • Scheduling of Profiles
    For executing archiving and export profiles of type E-mail Servers, an internal scheduler is now used. This scheduler is used for all newly created profiles as soon as automatic execution is enabled in the profile settings.

    Existing profiles of type E-mail Servers are set to manual execution after upgrading to MailStore Server 9. Their execution remains triggered based in the corresponding by task in the Windows Task Scheduler. To completely turn these profiles into independent server-side profiles, remove the corresponding task from the Windows Task Scheduler first and then enable automatic execution in the profile setting in MailStore Server. Further information can be found in Working with Archiving Profiles and Automating the Archiving Process
  • Group Policies
    New ADM and ADMX templates are used for the configuration of MailStore Client and MailStore Outlook Add-in. Group Policies created with the new templates are not compatible with older versions of MailStore Client and MailStore Outlook Add-In, nor does MailStore Client 9 and MailStore Outlook Add-in 9 support Group Policies that have been created based on previous versions of the ADM and ADMX templates. Please replace any existing Group Policies when upgrading to MailStore Server 9. Further information can be found in MailStore Client Deployment and MailStore Outlook Add-in Deployment.
  • Automatic Creation of New Archive Stores
    A new default threshold of 5 million emails has been introduced for the automatic creation of new archive stores in MailStore Server 9. For existing installations it is recommended to adjust this value after upgrading to MailStore Server 9 as described in Storage Locations. Please carefully read the Performance and Scalability Guidelines to determine the optimal archive store size in you environment.
  • PDF Support of Full Text Search
    PDF support has been removed from MailStore Server's own indexer. Therefore it is required to either install a recent version of Adobe Reader or an appropriate IFilter driver (i.e. Adobe PDF iFilter on the MailStore Server computer.
  • MailStore Server Administration API
    The API has been completely rewritten. As it does not provide and kind of backward compatibility with previous versions, it is required to carefully verify and, if necessary, to modify scripts that make use of the Administration API.
  • AVM KEN! Support Removed
    After the vendor's support for AVM KEN! has already stopped in September 2010, the support by MailStore ends with MailStore Server 9. Existing AVM KEN! profiles are automatically removed from MailStore - archived emails remain in the archive.

Known Issues

  • Missing Email Headers when Printing from MailStore Web Access
    Due to the technical implementation of the HTML view, emails printed from within MailStore Web Access do not contain information about sender, recipient and subject. Until a fix is available, the workaround is to open the emails in an email client such as Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird for printing.

Upgrading to Version 8.x

  • System Requirements
    Please ensure that your system configuration matches the updated system requirements. MailStore Client and MailStore Outlook Add-in now require .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 and Internet Explorer 8 or higher.

Upgrading to Version 7.0

Upgrading to Version 6.0

  • Upgrading File Groups
    The file group format has changed to ensure high performance and stability in the future. To upgrade existing file groups to the new format, proceed as follows:
    • Log in as MailStore administrator (admin).
    • Click on Administrative Tools > Storage and then Storage Locations.
    • Either click on the yellow info box to upgrade all file groups at once or right-click on a file group and select Perform Upgrade to upgrade a single file group.
      Fg upgrade6.png
    • Carefully read the notices and click on OK to start the upgrade process or click on Cancel.
    • While the upgrade process is running, you will see a window showing information about the upgrade progress. You can click on Cancel at any time to interrupt the upgrade process in order to continue it later.
  • Automatic Creation of New File Groups
    If you are using a scheduled task to create new file groups regularly, we recommend to remove that scheduled task and proceed as described in chapter Creating File Groups Automatically of the MailStore Server manual. Please notice the recommended limit of 500.000 messages per file group; that is the default value for all new installations of MailStore Server 6.
  • Active Directory Integration
    After upgrading to MailStore Server 6 it is required to reconfigure the Active Directory integration with the new Directory Service interface. Please follow the instructions in chapter Active Directory Integration of the MailStore Server manual.
    Important notice: From MailStore Server 6 on, accessing the Active Directory is done under the security scope of the MailStore Server service (instead of MailStore Client). Therefor, please pay attention to Authentication under Specifying Connection Settings.
  • Generic LDAP Integration
    After upgrading to MailStore Server 6 it is required to reconfigure the generic LDAP integration with the new Directory Service interface. Please follow the steps in chapter Generic LDAP Integration of the MailStore Server manual.
  • Firewall Settings
    If you have set up firewall rules manually to allow access to MailStore Server, MailStore Web Access, MailStore Outlook Add-in or the MailStore integrated IMAP server, we recommend to remove the firewall rules before installing MailStore Server 6. If desired, MailStore Server 6 can set up and update firewall rules on its own, after changes have been made in the MailStore Server Service Configuration (formerly known as MailStore Server Base Configuration).
  • No More Separate Downloads
    There is only one MailStore Server setup file, that includes all appropriate setup files for MailStore Client, MailStore Outlook Add-in and MailStore Proxy. MailStore Server setup creates a link on your desktop that opens an Explorer window with the setup files. If the desktop link does not exist you can find the setup files in the Setup-<version> sub-folder of your MailStore Server installation directory.

Upgrading to Version 5.0

  • MailStore Outlook Add-In
    MailStore Outlook Add-in requires access to MailStore Web Access. Should the situation arise that your firewall block the MailStore Web Access ports (default: 8461 for HTTP and 8462 for HTTPS), please reconfigure you firewall accordingly.

Upgrading to Version 4.5

  • Database Backups
    Database backup tasks or profiles which were created with an earlier version of MailStore Server need to be re-created with this version. Use the new backup functionality in Administrative Tools which provides you with several new features.
  • Search Indexes
    If you have created search indexes with a MailStore Server version equal or earlier than 3.0.2, you will be prompted to rebuild them after your first administrator logon to MailStore Server. Depending on the number of users and file groups, this process might take several minutes or hours. You can continue to use MailStore Server during this process, however the search functionality might be limited until the process is finished.