Installing MailStore Service Provider Edition

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This setup file of MailStore Service Provider Edition includes all necessary data to deploy an arbitrary MailStore Service Provider Edition role. After the installation of the program files has been finished, the roles of the server are to be specified in the initial setup process. There is no difference in the actual installation process for a single server or multi server mode setup. Furthermore the same setup file is used to install MailStore Service Provider Edition on a normal Windows Server or Windows Server Core without graphical user interface.

Installation Procedure

  • Start the installation process by double-clicking on the downloaded setup file or, when installing on a Windows Server Core, use the command line prompt to navigate to the location of the setup file and execute it.
  • Read the license agreement.
  • Select Accept the agreement and click Next.
  • Specify the target directory for the program files (default: C:\Program Files\MailStore Infrastructure) and click Next.
  • The setup program now extracts all program files into the given target directory.
  • Leave the option Launch MailStore Service Provider Edition Configuration checked and click Next to start the configuration program. Otherwise deselect the option and click Next. The MailStore Service Provider Edition Configuration can be executed manually at any time by using the appropriate link on the desktop or from the Windows start menu.

What to do next

It is recommended to adjust the Firewall Configuration of your servers and network before continuing the setup procedure with creating a Single Server Mode Setup or Multi Server Mode Setup,