Management Console - General

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The dashboard of the Management Console is divided into the following parts.

Service Health

This sections gives a quick overview of the status of all configured hosts and their roles which are under the control of the Management Server. The root node of the tree always represents the Management Server, the left branch the Instance Hosts and the right branch shows the Client Access Servers. Instance Host nodes also show the number of available and active instances.

Version and License Information

Details about the product version in use and the licensee including their customer number are displayed here.

My Resources

The My Resources sections lists all resources created in the MailStore Service Provider Edition. This includes the number of Management Server, Instance Hosts, Client Access Server and the total number of instances available and running.


System messages that might require further administrative actions are shown in the Messages section of the dashboard. Typical message may contain warnings about license update failures or necessary search index rebuilds.

Related Links

This sections contains links to the most valuable online resources including this online help, Customer Service Center, etc.


As managing instances is the primary task for every MailStore Service Provider Edition administrator, an own chapter is dedicated this this topic. Please refer to Instance Management - General Administration for further details.

License Information

Clicking on the License Information menu item opens an overview of all data that is used by the billing process.

Used Licenses per Instance

Displays a list off all instances and their respective amount of used licenses.

Used Resources

This is a statistical overview of used resources.

Raw Licensing Request

The raw licensing request tab shows how the actual licensing request to our accounting servers looks like. The Management Server sends this information once every 24 hours to renew the local licensing information of the MailStore Service Provider Edition.