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Monitoring the MailStore Service Provider Edition can be carried our on various levels. While monitoring the underlying infrastructure, which typically includes network components, hardware usage or the status of security updates, is a common task for administrators, setting up further monitoring checks for the MailStore Service Provider Edition is recommended to ensure permanent service availability for end customers.

This article provides generic information about what should be monitored and partly explains how to do it, in order to help administrators setting up additional checks in their monitoring solution.

Management Server

Network Ports TCP 8470 (Management Console/HTTPS)
TCP 8471 (Management Server)
SSL Certificate Lifetime TCP 8470 (Management Console/HTTPS)
TCP 8471 (Management Server)
Windows Service MailStoreManagementServer
Connectivity Use Management API command GetServiceStatus to request all data that is used by the Management Console to create the dashboard's service health view, including all messages that are collected from the instances.
Licensing Information Use Management API command CreateLicenseRequest to request data from which the periodic licensing request is derived.

Client Access Server

Network Ports TCP 143 (IMAP)
TCP 8472 (Client Access Server)
SSL Certificate Lifetime TCP 143 (IMAP)
TCP 8472 (Client Access Server)
Windows Service MailStoreClientAccessServer

Instance Host

Network Ports TCP 8473 (Instance Host)
SSL Certificate Lifetime TCP 8473
Windows Service MailStoreInstanceHost


Instance Status Use the Management API command GetInstances to receive general information about instances (process ID, status, etc.), which may also be used to identify MailStoreServer_x64.exe processes for further monitoring.
Instance Statistics Use the Management API command GetInstanceStatistics to receive statistics about disk usage and number of archived emails.
Important notice: Do not run the GetInstanceStatistics command more often than absolutely necessary, as gathering the required data from the file system creates high I/O workload, which might impact the performance of all instance that reside on the same storage.
Service Provider Access Use the Management API command GetArchiveAdminEnabled to check if the status of the service provider access matches the expected value for the instance.
Recent Results Use the Management API command GetWorkerResults to get a list of recent results.

For the popular Nagios/Icinga monitoring solution you can find further details about monitoring the worker results in MailStore Server's Monitoring Article. A special SPE version of the mentioned check scripts is available in the mentioned Scripting-Package

Please note: As there can be several non-critical reasons for profiles to fail, it is recommended to define certain thresholds of how many execution per period are allowed to fail before reporting the whole check as failed.
User Archives Use the Management API command GetFolderStatistics to get a list of all archives, the amount of messages and the size of each archive measured in bytes.