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  • These settings are available:
    • Accept Thumbprint
      If the thumbprint of the MailStore Server certificate is provided, the MailStore Outlook Add-in will login user without a certificate warning even if the certificate is not trusted on Windows level, e.g. if self-signed certificates are being used. You can find the thumbprint in the certificate's properties under Details > Thumbprint.
      [[File:GPO Client {{{1}}} 13.png|center]]
    • Authentication
      Sets the authentication method to either Standard Authentication or Windows Authentication.
    • Language
      Sets the display language of the MailStore Outlook Add-in. Select System language to have the MailStore Outlook Add-in use the language of a client's operating system.
    • Enable TLS/SSL encryption
      If this option is enabled, the MailStore Outlook Add-in connects to the MailStore Server using HTTPS. This feature has to be enabled for the MailStore Server service as well.
    • Server Name
      If this parameter is provided, the MailStore Outlook Add-in always connects to this server. If the authentication method has also been set to Windows Authentication, the login to MailStore Server occurs directly without any user interaction (Single Sign On). If the MailStore Web Access has been configured to a port different from the default (8461 (HTTP) / 8462 (HTTPS)), this parameter has to be provided as Server Name:Port.
    • Show MailStore Outlook Add-in Toolbar by default
      If this option is disabled explicitly, the MailStore Outlook Add-in toolbar is hidden in Outlook. This can be useful for certain user groups in terminal server environments.
    • Date, Time or Number Format
      Sets the date, time or number format of the MailStore Outlook Add-in. If set to (System), the MailStore Outlook Add-in will use the client operating system's date, time or number format.
About MailStore

  • MailStore Server is one of the leading email archiving solutions for SMB.
  • For private use there is a free tool for email archiving furthermore: MailStore Home.