Template:GPO Update

  • Open the Group Policy Management Console on your domain controller.
  • Navigate to the administrative folder Group Policy Objects.
  • Right-click on the existing MailStore {{{2}}} Deployment GPO and select Edit....
  • Expand User Configuration > Policies > Software Settings.
  • Right-click on Software installation.
  • Select New and Package....
  • Select the updated MailStore {{{2}}} MSI package. Please note that the path for the file must be entered in UNC notation (e.g. \\Server\Setup\MailStoreSetup...) and that domain users need to have read-access to this share.
  • In the following dialog window, select Advanced and click OK.
    [[File:GPO {{{2}}} {{{1}}} 02.png|center]]
  • On the next screen, please set the options on the Deployment tab as shown below:
    [[File:GPO {{{2}}} {{{1}}} 03.png|center]]
  • On the Upgrades tab, a list of upgradeable packages is shown. Select the option Required upgrade for existing packages.
    [[File:GPO {{{2}}} {{{1}}} 06.png|center]]
  • Click on OK to confirm all settings.
  • The group policy should look similar to the one shown below:
    [[File:GPO {{{2}}} {{{1}}} 07.png|500px|center]]