Audit Log

If MailStore's own audit log is used for logging audit events (default), this audit log can be retrieved via MailStore Client.

Please note: If the Windows Eventlog is used as destination for logging of audit events, the Audit Log option at Administrative Tools > Compliance is not shown. In that case, use the your favorite method for retrieving information from the Windows Eventlog.

Retrieving the Audit Log

To retrieve information stored in MailStore's own audit log, proceed as follows:

  • Start MailStore Client and log on as a MailStore administrator (admin).
  • Click Administrative Tools > Compliance and then Audit Log.
  • The events to be fetched from the audit log can be filtered by modifying the settings for Date Range, User Name, User Activity Type and Maximum Number of Results.
  • Click on Retrieve.
  • The matching events are shown in the table. To show further details of an event, double-click on the corresponding table row.