Product Updates

On this page you can configure whether MailStore should check for new versions automatically as well as whether to submit anonymous usage data.

ProductUpdates 01.png

Enable automatic update check

If this option is enabled, MailStore Server regularly checks for new product versions. If a new version is available, this will be displayed on the dashboard in the MailStore Client. Additionally, if a Recipient for Notifications is defined in the SMTP Settings, a notification will be sent to this email address.

Submission of anonymous usage data

If this option is enabled, MailStore Server regularly sends data on how the program is being used to MailStore. This data allows us to better understand different usage scenarios of MailStore Server and focus our development capacities accordingly. The submitted data is collected and evaluated exclusively for this purpose.

You can display the data to be submitted by clicking on the Show data link. No personal data such as user names, passwords or email content will be submitted. The submitted data is completely anonymized and cannot be correlated to a specific customer installation. This option is disabled by default (opt-in).