Frequently Asked Questions

System Requirements

  • What are the system requirements of MailStore Service Provider Edition?
    A comprehensive overview of all system requirements can be found on the System Requirements page.
  • Is running MailStore Service Provider Edition on virtual machines supported?
    The single server mode as well as an individual Instance Hosts in a multi-server setup requires all resources specified in the System Requirements to be allocated exclusively to the machine where the software has been installed to ensure a decent user experience under all circumstances. Therefore, using virtualization requires good planning and proper resource allocation.

    In a multi-server setup, the Management Server and Client Access Server can run on a virtual machine as long as the operating system is supported.
  • Can MailStore Service Provider Edition run on Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or similar infrastructure?
    As long as the system requirements are met, MailStore Service Provider Edition can be used on IaaS platforms such as Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure. Due to the storage requirements and the required disk I/O throughput, it often requires the use of high end instances.
  • Will there be a Linux version?
    Due to being fully dependent on Microsoft’s .NET Framework, it is unlikely that a Linux version will exist in the future.

Use Scenarios

  • How can I switch from single server to multi server mode?
    Any single server mode setup where Management Server, Instance Host and Client Access Server roles are installed on the same server, can be turned easily into a multi server mode setup by adding additional Instance Hosts or Client Access Servers. Further information can be found in the Multi Server Mode Setup chapter.
  • As a large organization (end customer), can I run MailStore Service Provider Edition in my own Private Cloud?
    Generally, the MailStore Service Provider Edition can be used in Private Clouds. Please contact us for further details.
  • As a Service Provider, can I use MailStore Service Provider Edition in Virtual Private Clouds that I am hosting for my end customers?
    Using MailStore Service Provider Edition in Virtual Private Clouds is absolutely possible. Please refer to the Overview to learn more about the different supported scenarios.