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Service providers receive an unlimited, scalable software solution with MailStore Service Provider Edition, which they will be able to independently operate either on their existing IT infrastructures or those they have leased. This help website has an exclusive focus on installing and setting up the backend of the MailStore Service Provider Edition. For administration of MailStore Instances, which is comparable to the on-premises solution MailStore Server, please visit the MailStore Server Help

General Information

An introduction to the architecture, the most typical usage scenarios of the MailStore Service Provider Edition and further general yet important information are given by the following articles:

Installation and Setup

The Installation and Setup chapter provides an entire walkthrough of installation and setup process of MailStore Service Provider Edition. Each article ends with a "What to do next" section that guides to the next step.

Management Console

The MailStore Management Console is the primary, web based administration utility for MailStore Service Provider Edition administrators. The following articles provide a general overview of all available functions. Every function of the Management Console also has a corresponding Management API command, which allows full, script-based control over MailStore Service Provider Edition.

Instance Management

Managing MailStore Instances consist of two main areas: General Administration covers all aspects of creating, controlling and configuring instances, whereas Instance Administration deals with the administration of internal parameters for each instance such as archive stores, search indexes, user synchronization, archiving profiles, etc.

Related Articles

Management API

The Management API extends the management capabilities of the MailStore Service Provider Edition by providing a HTTP based access to all management functions. This allows to fully automate the administration of MailStore Service Provider Edition via scripts or even integration into centralized management solutions. For an even faster development, example API libraries for different scripting and programming languages are provided.

Example Implementation of API Libraries
  • PowerShell
  • Python


Active Directory Group Policy Templates
Example API Libraries and Clients

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